Why outsource Life Science computing tasks

Steelcyber Scientific understands both the IT challenges of Life Science computing, as well as today's financial climate. We have experience in offering turnkey scientific computing services in affordable prices with application and end-user support. This means that you can look after your pocket and focus on what you have to do: your core science. At the same time, you lease computing power for your vital science tools at a substantially lower cost than procuring, purchasing, maintaining and decommissioning computer software and hardware.

List of offered bioinformatics/application environments

Galaxy is an open, web-based platform for data intensive biomedical research. It is quite popular amongst scientists that perform High Throughput Sequencing (NGS) projects. We offer a well-configured and scalable server so you can perform, reproduce, and share complete analyses. As Galaxy is a modular system, it is offered with a lot of add-on modules focused on HTS/NGS pipeline construction based on an agreed customer specifications.

indicative pricing

-No.of users- -Monthly cost- -Annual cost-
1-30 110$/80€ 1100$/800€
31-50 160$/110€ 1600$/1100€
51-100 210$/190€ 2100$/1900€
>100 300$/250€ 3000$/2500€

Command line bioinformatics servers suitable for a number of heavy duty life science computating tasks, having pre-installed a number of applications, ready for processing.

Please contact us for more info on the software applications/frameworks we support for Life Science Computing and a detailed price quote.