Linux/UNIX Server Audit and Log Services

Steelcyber Scientific is the maintainer of POFR, a new utility that provides a step-by-step forensic compliant picture of what happened in your system. Read more on why you should care.

Life Science High Performance Computing

Steelcyber Scientific understands both the IT challenges of Life Science computing, as well as today's financial climate. We have experience in offering turnkey scientific computing services in affordable prices with application and end-user support. This means that you can look after your pocket and focus on what you have to do: your core science. At the same time, you lease computing power for your vital science tools at a substantially lower cost than procuring, purchasing, maintaining and decommissioning computer software and hardware. Read more.

Server hosting and IT Disaster Recovery understands that your databases, web content, file and DNS servers, as well as other mission critical applications are vital to you and your customers. This is why we have secured co-location rack space in four different continents, where power physical and cyber security are high on our list.