Linux/UNIX Server Audit and Log Services

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If the answer to one or more of the previous questions is 'no', you might need to take a look at our bulletproof server logging engine, currently available for Linux and FreeBSD servers. Steelcyber is the maker and maintainer of LUARM, a new utility that provides a step-by-step forensic compliant picture of what happened in your system. This means that you can provide evidence to solve a number of undesirable incidents in your core server IT infrastructure such as:

-Documenting the actions of rogue insiders (sabotage, unauthorized access, intentional or accidental misconfiguration)
-Providing evidence of external attacks in your system (Denial of Service, web site defacement)
-Providing evidence of core system performance issues (misbehaving applications).

The logs are stored in our servers, away from the monitored systems, where their integrity is safeguarded and access to them can be provided on request, as part of a Service Level Agreement. The SLA enables customers to:

-Have access to logged data 24/7.

-Email support to cover software installation and troubleshooting issues during office hours (9:00 - 17:00 daily on US and Europe respectively)

-Email and telephone support during office hours (9:00 - 17:00 daily on US and Europe respectively) to interpret the logs and help you understand what is happening in your system.


Prices quoted in USD and Euro are dependent on a 6-month/12-month or 24-month contract and the number of monitored systems.

Please contact us for more info and a detailed price quote.