Linux/UNIX Server Audit and Log Services

The Penguin OS Forensic Recorder

If the answer to one or more of the previous questions is 'no', you should consider POFR, a new utility that provides a step-by-step forensic compliant picture of what happened in your system. This means that the utility can enable you to perform a number of critical tasks, as part of your core server IT infrastructure such as:

POFR uses an agentless client/server architecture. Clients are the systems to monitor and they push data to a server via the SSH protocol. The server parses the data and updates a Relational Database that is used to store and present the data for further analysis. The overall architecture was designed to provide:

Commercial Support for POFR

POFR is an Open Source solution. We are commited in providing source code for the lifetime of the solution. The process of deploying and maintaining POFR is described in a freely available technical manual. However, maintaining large setups (hundreds, thousands of clients) requires hardware and human resources. We offer commercial support for organizations that need a turn key solution that includes a combination of the following:

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